Configuring Brokerage

InventoryPlus simplify the commission calculate based on sales using Brokerage module. System support various configuration to calculate the brokerage with different parameters.

Enabling the Brokerage Module:

Brokerage module can be enable or disable by visiting Settings -> Default -> general settings there enable the brokerage.

Brokerage global configuration (go to settings-> Defaults ->Brokerage default settings):

Brokerage: label can be selected by pre-defined options or it can be edited as required.

Ex. Brokerage label can be changed to Doctors for medical shop users.

Amount: Brokerage amount can be defined here.

Brokerage Type: Brokerage calculation based on selected brokerage type

Creation of Brokers Ledger:

1. Click on Broker from tool bar menu to launch Brokerage ledger creation screen. Screen support of creation of brokers ledger, update and deletion   of ledger. Global configuration (commission calculation) can be overridden for broker defined in this screen.

2. Brokerage Type: Brokerage calculation based on selected brokerage type

3. Amount/Qty/Percentage: Based on brokerage type this field used for calculating the brokerage amount.

4. Tag to Customer:  Brokerage can be tagged to specific customer, Select All option to tag to all customer. While billing, based on customer selection broker will be auto selected.

Selection of brokerage while entering sales:

Goto Sales, Click on "Details(F6)" button to select the broker. Amount field available next to broker drop down will override all default configuration. Leave this field blank then system will auto generate the brokerage based on global/brokerage configuration.


    • Brokerage calculation can be extracted using reports available at tool bar menu  Reports -> Brokerage Report