Stock Journal can be used for transfering the inventory in retail shop . In manufacturing unit stock journal is used to record issues of raw Products to the production department. Production of finished goods, theft or pilferage of raw Products or finished goods.

What is a Stock Journal?

Stock journal used for Product management system. Used to record the production of multiple finished goods. Same can be used for transfer stock to different locations.

Products entered in Consumption will be reduced from stock, Product entered in Production will be added to stock.  All the entries recorded in the stock journal will be reflected in the stock summary, balance sheet etc.


    • This feature can be used for stock transfer.
    • In supermarket implementation, 100Kg sugar bag can be sold in multiple of 500Gm, 1KG package, in Source Product should be 100Kg Sugar, In Target Product should be Sugar 500gm, 1KG etc.
    • In  manufacturing industry this screen will be used for entering the manufacturing details. Source Products contains raw item details, Target Products contains ready product and waste items.