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InventoryPlus Quick start tutorials


How to install the InventoryPlus


How creating the new company

How open existing company

Open the company from 'Recently Opened Company' list

How to configure user and permissions - Security

Creating the Stock Group

Creating the Stock Products

Quick link Sales button configuration

Upgrading the InventoryPlus to latest version

Taking the InventoryPlus company backup

Stock handling in inventoryPlus

Batchwise Stock handling (Serial Number and Expire Date tracking) in inventoryPlus

Managing the medical shop business

Creation of Unit of measures for split sale (Advanced feature)

Language selection

Using our product collection database in InventoryPlus

Manage Due Invoice (Accept part payments) (Advanced feature)

Edit Sales Bill Template (Advanced feature)

Multiple branch data Sync using Dropbox (Premium feature)

Save Note as Template in Sales and WorkOder

Edit Sales Screen layout (Advanced feature)

Analise data using Analytic dashboard (Premium feature)

InventoryPlus network configurations (Advanced feature)

Accessing the Reports from mobile Application (Premium feature)

Delete multiple transaction in single click

Added and Deleting the columns in Lists

Voucher entry (Receipt/Payment/Journal)

Product Import

Build you own report from existing report (Premium feature)

Configure GST Taxation on InventoryPlus

Configure VAT Taxation on InventoryPlus

Configure Google drive backup (Premium feature)

Generate the Service bills in InventoryPlus