Backup & Restore

Configure the Backup and Restore from backup is very important to safeguard the valuable data.


Goto Settings -> Backup tab to configure the backup.

    1. Select the backup Directory/Location
    2. Select Frequency as Every day.
    3. Select the Auto Backup Option. this option will take backup daily.
    4. Select Number of copies to be retained to 25, This option will help you to retain recent 25 backup file.
    5. Click on Save button to save the configuration.
    6. Click on Backup now button to test the configurations. Verify the backup file is created at configured location. If backup file is created then you are done!.

Cloud Backup (Google Drive Backup)

Taking InventoryPlus data backup on Google drive.  This is highly recommended to configure the backup on cloud drive, In case of system/hardware failure then data will be safe on cloud drive, It help to restore the data from Google drive for safe recovery.    

    1. Goto settings -> Backup screen, Click on Enable Google Drive Backup button. System will open the browser to select the gmail account to login to Google drive.  Enter credential and click on Approve to give access to upload the data to Google drive.
    2. Enable the Auto backup option to take the backup to Google drive.
    3. Select the Location of backup and press Save button. Click on Backup button, Once after backup is completed login to Google drive and verify backup file created at inside folder "InventoryPlus Backup"

Youtube Video: Click Here

Google Drive backup Note:

1. Internet is required to work Google drive backup. Make sure Internet is connected while backup is in progress

2. Delete the old not required backup file from Google drive. It will help you to save Google drive space.

3. Backup on Google drive required the Internet and it will consume Internet Bandwidth. If company size is more then Google drive backup will consume the bandwidth to upload the backup file to Google drive.

4. Backup file will be created on local drive, Usually Backup location mentioned in settings -> Backup tab, After local backup, Google Drive upload utility will run on system to upload the backup file to Google drive.

5. Google Drive backup feature available to Premium users only


Restore should be used only in case of system failure.  Goto File -> Restore button to open the restore feature. Restore button enabled for admin user only, Goto Settings -> Backup screen to see the Restore button as well.  File -> Restore button will be enabled when user not yet logged in. Once user logged into application then goto settings -> Backup tab to use the Restore feature.

1. Restore button available at file menu will be disabled if user logged in.  

2. Restore button available at Settings -> Backup tab as well.  Restore button available for Admin User only.

4. Use the Integrity Test button for testing the backup integrity. If backup file is corrupted then integrity test will alert or help you to take the backup again which helps to restore the data without any issues.

Youtube Video: Click Here


    1. Better once in a while test the backup file integrity using Integrity Test option available in Restore Screen. Use restore feature with carefully because it may overwrite your existing/running data if you select the old backup file and click on Restore button available in Restore screen will restored on running company file.  
    2. InventoryPlus support team also not able to recover data in case if system crashed as we don't have access to your system. SECURITY DATA IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.
    3. Refer here for configure the cloud backup, Make sure configure the cloud backup and sync to cloud drive periodically, In case if computer/hard disk crashed/lost then data can be easily recovered.
    4. Make sure the given backup directory is created in given drive