SMS Configuration

InventoryPlus support configuring the SMS, Send the sales amount, received amount, balance amount can be easily notify the customer using SMS.

To configure the SMS Goto Settings -> Company Details -> General setting, Click on SMS configuration will open the below screen.  

    • Click on SMS Configuration : Configure the SMS sending feature click on SMS Configuration tab. Get the SMS pack from here and update the provided user name, password, sender id fields.


    • Click on Option : Select the option for auto send the SMS once transaction completed.


    • SMS Pack need to be purchased for sending the SMS. Refer here price for SMS package for only INDIAN user.
    • Sending the SMS system required the Internet connection.
    • SMS can be sent to DND number, only transactional(sales, amount paid, birthday wishes) SMS will be delivered to DND number and this type of SMS will be called transactional. Promotional SMS cannot be delivered to DND number. Transactional and Promotional are 2 different type of pack available.
    • If transactional SMS used to sent the promotional content then account automatically converted to promotional.  
    • If you are outside India and looking for SMS service then use our Plugin, Using Amazon SMS Service you can send SMS to 200+ country. Contact [email protected] for more details.
    • Sender ID is 6 characters  and this need to be approved before start using this.  Sender ID approve will take 24 hours to 48 hours.