What is Access Control / Authorization?

InventoryPlus can help to prevent unauthorized access to the system. Based on granted user permission level, user can able to operate the application.

How to create the new user:

Open the users screen by clicking on Others -> Users.

User name: Enter user name for login user.

Password: While creating the user give new password, In feature if you want to reset the password for any user then you are able update the password from this screen.

Language: Select the default language for the user. When user login to system, user able to see the assigned language by default. so changing the preferred language is not required always.

Access Rights: InventoryPlus supports assigning the permission to each user. When user login, user able to see only assigned module. other module will be disabled for user.


    • Admin is the default user created by system. Admin user has full privilege(Administration privilege) for all modules.
    • Viewer right has only view access for all module
    • Contribute right has full permission for all module except some of the module required administration permissions. Ex. Creation/Modification of users, Configuring the company details etc.
    • System will support for any number of users to be created.
    • Password can be reseted for any user using this screen(Other than Admin user).
    • Select language as default login language, Localized text will be displayed based on selected language.
    • Select the default printer for this user, This will override the printer selected in each module like sales and purchase, This will be in effect only if print preview is disabled
    • Create the new user and assign the proper access right so user able to see only provided access, Ex. If you provide the access right "Sales Add New Bill/Cashier" then user able to add new sales bill and only allowed to change the quantity. None of other feature like edit or deletion of sales bill be disabled for this user.
    • Update the security question on high priority, We have the default security question and answer updated by default, If default security answer and question is not changed on first use then any user who know the InventoryPuls can easily change the password for admin user using Forget password option, So make sure to change the default security question on high priority.